Our Team

Our Team

Here are the team members of TranslationPapers Bali:

Luh Windiari (Windi)
Windy 2 Windi is the chief founder of TranslationPapers Bali, and our Indonesian > English HPI-certified translator specializing in legal translation. She is also an interpreter.

She is a full member of HPI (Association of Indonesian Translators) and AICI (Association of Indonesian Conference Interpreters). She has a Master’s degree in translation studies and graduated cum laude in 2013.

Verra Mulianingsih (Verra)
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Verra is our English <> Indonesian translator and interpreter, and together with Windi and Arya she founded TranslationPapers Bali. She is a full member of HPI and a HPI-certified translator, for the Indonesian > English language pair.

She has an Associate’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and out of her love for English literature she continued her study majoring in English Letters. While she works on varied types of documents, she takes the most pleasure from translating literary works, and translating websites for hotels and tourism providers is her niche.

Aryadi Jaya (Arya)
Arya 1 Arya is also a co-founder of TranslationPapers Bali, and our English <> Indonesian translator specializing in technical and scientific translation.

He is a graduate in Civil Engineering, a certified TESOL teacher and holds a Master’s degree in translation studies. Apart from TranslationPapers Bali, he is a teacher of ESL at one of the most reputable English schools in Bali. He is also a member of HPI.

Fitria Yuanita

Fitria is our Japanese <> Indonesian/English translator and interpreter.  She has a  Bachelor’s degree in English Letters, and this year she is doing her Master’s degree in translation studies.

She loves the Japanese language and culture and started learning Japanese in 2005. She once joined the essay competition Japanese Written Program, and out of 125 selected participants from all over the world she was one of 15 finalists selected to represent Indonesia to the International level.  She was then invited to Japan and had a chance to meet the Prime Minister. In the years following the event, she started taking translation and interpreting jobs from Japanese into Indonesian and vice-versa. Fitria is a member of the Indonesian Translators’ Association as well.

Fey Mokoginta

Fey, our French <> Indonesian translator,  specialises in legal and literary translations. She is also a member of the Association of Indonesian Translators and holds the French government’s highest language accreditation, DALF level C2. She is recognized by the Embassy of France in Jakarta for legal translation.

Her recent translations vary from a Sorbonne doctoral thesis in agriculture for the École Française d’Extrême-Orient (French School of the Far East) to the celebrated novel The Patience Stone, Sang-e Saboor, published in Indonesia as Batu Kesabaran. Fey works regularly for the Alliance Française, teaching and interpreting for visiting French dignitaries.

Diah Tricesaria


Dee helps us with marketing. She has had a considerable experience as a freelance translator and interpreter. She obtained her Master’s Degree in International Relations from University of Gadjah Mada (UGM). While being a team member of TranslationPapers Bali, at the moment she works for an NGO.


Vidhya Stuti


Vidhya also works on the English <> Indonesian translations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Letters and has had years of experience as a freelance translator translating various topics.

She is also a regular interpreter for the “Compassion” Meditation in Singaraja and has some experience in subtitling and voice-over such as for The Prem Rawat Foundation. While being a team member of TranslationPapers Bali, she is also a Yoga teacher.