Followings are some testimonials from our clients. Thanks to our loyal clients for writing a testimonial for TranslationPapers Bali 🙂


  • “TranslationPapers did everything according to what their website promised. Their customer service was excellent, as was the quality of their work. They were prompt, and very easy to contact. I highly recommend this company”. (Milda Sadrach, Social Media Executive, W Retreat & Spa Bali-Seminyak)
  • “The translation outcome was amazing. Job definitely well done. You can’t go wrong with TranslationPapers. And they also provide support to refine the translation outcome because we’re translating a huge software with implementation all over the world.” (Nyoman Winardi Ribeka, software engineer, Regenstrief, USA)
  • “Windi and Verra worked together to translate Ketut Madra and 100 Years of Balinese Wayang Painting,the 64-page catalog with interpretive essays for the recent exhibition at the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud. This was a bit of a stretch for Translation Papers Bali: the material was complex and not routine in any way. But they did the work beautifully, quickly, and accurately — and at a completely affordable and reasonable price. I was deeply impressed, and am already using their service again for additional work.” (David Irons, Guest Curator of the exhibition of Ketut Madra and 100 Years of Balinese Wayang Painting in Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud)
  • “We worked with TranslationPapers Bali team on a big project: Lempad of Bali – Indonesian edition. It involved translation of 5 chapters of texts, co-authored by 5 international scholars with distinct writing styles and varied subject matters of about 100-page long from English into Indonesian. In addition, it also involved merging texts and images. TranslationPapers Bali team did more than we expected, especially managing various change of requests and tight schedule. Overall, it was a fruitful collaboration and we would work with them again in the future.” (Soemantri Widagdo, Chairman of Board of Advisors of TiTian Bali Foundation)
  • “TranslationPapers was remarkably professional and efficient, as well as being kind, thoughtful, and wonderful to work with.  As translators for the interviews we did, I was amazed at how easily they made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, while still maintaining a professional setting and providing an incomparable outcome. Thanks so much!  I would also recommend this to anyone!” (Jessica Chrastil, Director of Design and Artisan Research, NEST)
  • “TranslationPapers Bali, I’m very pleased with the translations you recently provided. I found your service very professional, thanks for doing the work so quickly. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who requires translation service.” [Martin Johnson, Owner of Energy Design Ltd. http://www.energy-design.co.uk]
  • “I want to thank you for all your support in taking on a challenging project and translating many technical documents. I appreciate your promptness and availability even for very short deadlines. It’s a pleasure working with you. Thanks again :)” (Wayan Lasya, owner of La Casa Bali and Autogas Bali)
  • “I have been using the very professional services from TranslationPapers Bali now for nearly 2 years. During this time they have assisted me a variety of projects including the expert translation of legal documents and contracts to personal papers and conversations both verbally and in script. I have found the services to be of the utmost quality. If you require a business that offers accuracy, punctuality and down to earth high caliber customer service then TranslationpapersBali is for you”. Graeme Conway ( Australia and Bali 12/08/2013)
  • “Translationpapers is a solution for your translation needs. It offers you a prompt response since the first time of the contact, a quick result within the required deadline, accurate and reliable work, and on top of that, a reasonable deal. I am satisfied, a very much recommended.” (Cok Anre, HRD Manager of Children’s House School Jimbaran)
  • “This company is fast, efficient and friendly! They received our legal documents and returned them in 24 hours…We will use them for ALL our translation needs.” (David and Brenda, Owners of Desa Sanctuary Ubud)
  • “Sebagai DOSM yang memegang beberapa hotel sekaligus saya perlu berkorespondensi dalam bahasa Inggris setiap harinya, dan saya sering tidak punya cukup waktu untuk meng-edit setiap email atau kontrak yang harus saya kirim.  TranslationPapers adalah andalan saya untuk memastikan tidak terdapat kesalahan dalam setiap surat dan dokumen yang saya buat, baik teknis ataupun isi.  Mereka teliti, tepat waktu,  berwawasan luas dan merupakan partner kerja yang menyenangkan. Saya belum pernah menemukan jasa penerjemah sebagus ini di Bali sebelumnya. 5-star service, truly recommendable!” (Vanny Roedias, Director of Sales and Marketing-Kagum Hotels Bali)
  • “Terjemahan dari Tim TranslationPapers Bali sangat memuaskan. Makna tersirat dari sebuah kalimat dan keseluruhan isi dapat diterjemahkan dengan sangat baik. Membaca terjemahannya bagaikan membaca teks aslinya.” (Ida Bagus Nugraha, Ketua Pusat Studi Dharma & Veda Indonesia) Translation in English: “The translation results by TranslationPapers Bali team are very satisfactory. The intended meaning within a sentence and the overall meaning can be translated very well. Reading the translated text is like reading the original text.” (Ida Bagus Nugraha, President of Center of Dharmic and Vedic Studies Indonesia)
  • “Windi from TranslationPapers Bali is an amazingly attentive and patient translator. She had to interpret for me, in a whisper, an intense three-hour workshop presented by an outstanding Indonesian journalist. His topic “Writing on the Environment” was complex and intricate. Windi spoke quietly and completely, with grace and clarity — all without disturbing the other participants.  I felt utterly confident and at ease with her sitting by my side and got all I could have hoped for from the afternoon; I would work with her any time!” (Julie Clark Boak, American Writer, Screenwriter and Playwright)
  • Luh Windiari undertook a challenging role for us, translating training for doctors at an international training retreat. She was exceptional. The service was 100% and a lot of participants commented on the quality of the translation service. Luh Windiari was able to recall large amounts of complex information, she rapidly acquired the content knowledge and was able to go above and beyond and help out in group activities and answering questions when needed. She was punctual, polite and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her service to anyone, and will definitely be seeking her service again.” (Rebecca Duffield, Clinic Development Manager, Nano Philosophy Jakarta)
  • “Saya sebagai klien termasuk cukup puas dengan pelayanan (service) yg diberikan, karena TranslationPapers Bali selalu bisa memberikan ketepatan waktu dalam pengerjaan dan tentu saja dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau, sehingga secara tidak langsung ikut menunjang peningkatan kinerja dan pelayanan saya selaku Notaris kepada Client. Terima Kasih Translation Papers Bali :)” (Luh Made Mustika Juita, SH., M.Kn, Notaris)
  • “TranslationPapers Bali” provided the best service we could ever imagine, we really satisfied with the job they’ve done’ the outcome were just perfect. We highly recommend this company for translations of documents for all the people. – Sameer and Bin (Sales Coordinator at The Beach House Collection, Male’, the Republic of Maldives)
  • “Terima Kasih Translation Papers atas layanan translatenya sangat membantu kami dalam mengembangkan usaha kami. Sangat memuaskan dari segi kualitas, jelas dari segi pengertian bahasa, dan mudah dicerna tata bahasanya. Semoga dapat dipertahankan kerjasama yang baik ini.” (Aditya Subawa – Owner BALI MECHANIC WEB)
  • “Windy and Associates. Thank you for your support in translating my documents that were accurately translated from word to word and your ability to push thru when my deadline needed it. I hope you can use these words above for a reference as you and your team have the skills and personality that I continue to forward customers and translation work for the future. Cheers.” (Rex Blueskyes)
  • “Hi all – Should you ever have to get some documents translated, look no further than TranslationPapers Bali. I dealt with Windi in the past few months and can highly recommend her. She’s reliable, accurate and very responsive. All for reasonable price. (Jeroen Kok)
  • “Dear TranslationPapers. Disaat butuh cepat jasa terjemahan yang berkualitas dan handal TranslationPapers lah tempatnya. pelayanannya juga cepat dan memuaskan. Senang dan puas menggunakan jasa ini. bagi yang masih kebingungan mencari jasa penerjemah dateng aja ke TranslationPapers dan buktikan sendiri yaa…” (Dana, HRD & GA PT Indojakarta Motor Gemilang)
  • “Translation Papers did a great job. Timely delivery, fair pricing and excellent customer service” (Theo Burggraaff, Send from Bali – Director)
  • “As a foreigner living outside his own country it is so important to have someone you can trust and rely on. Translationpapers offered me the confidence and solution that assist me every day. Their service and support gives me and all our clients the confidence we need to do business in other countries. I highly recommend their services. ” (Maderson Ford. Manager of MadGoose Designs)
  • “I have been extremely impressed with Translationpapers since they are reliable for legal translation and always meet the deadline, the team is so cooperative and ready for almost 24/7.”  (Ade, Personal Assistant, Lois Hill)
  • I wanna say million thanks for our great cooperation that already lasted for almost a year. I really appreciate the professionalism of TranslationPapers team that is proved by the accuracy of the translation result and on-time delivery. They never miss the deadline and never made a misinterpretation. Great job! Well done! Bravo TranslationPapers! :)” (Ni Wayan Nagining Sidianthi, SH.MKn.) 
  • “I recommend TranslationPapers since they can provide a fast and reliable translation with reasonable prices. They have translated some wordings for my website and I am satisfied with the result.” (Pasca da gama, Managing Director at Bali Natural Tour and Travel)
  • “TranslationPapers Bali gives a very good service and right on schedule with a competitive price :)” (Dewi Marissa, Exotiq Property Jimbaran)
  • “Om Swastiastu, TranslationPapers itu ibarat kalau makan enak istilahnya “Maknyus” GPL (Gak Pakai Lama) & Murmer (Murah Meriah) tergantung Budget yg menyesuaikan :), “numero uno” untuk di ajak kerjasama, pokok’e Top Bgt dech, saya pasti rekomen temen Rekan2 Notaris yg butuh Translator. Semoga sukses ke depannya,Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.” (I Made Yoga Gautama, SH., M.Kn., Notaris)
  • “TranslationPapers service was perfect and fast…very professional company and highly recommended.”  (Dian Praba, Marketing and sales Manager at Seminyak Boutique Villas)
  • “TranslationPapers is great! Sy sangat terbantu n hasilnya memuaskan. You have to try it!” (Dewi, lecturer at Pharmacy Department, UNUD)
  • “TranslationPapers menyelesaikan masalah tanpa masalah, great!” (Joni, Pharmacist at Prodia Denpasar)
  • “Thank you TranslationPapers for a quick response and accurate translation results. Impressive!” (Kazue Hariu, Tik A Tee Owner and Manager)
  • “Great translation and fast! Recommended!” (Putu, Tik A Tee Staff)
  • “Thanks to TranslationPapers membantu banget, keren, cepat dan hasilnya juga bagus 🙂 recommended bgt :)” (Vidya Paramita, Pharmacist and Lecturer)
  • Terjemahan TranslationPapers Bali bagus dan sangat profesional. Very Recommended!” (Theresia, Amabali)
  • “Awalnya kebingungan nyari jasa penerjemah meskipun dkt kampus banyak. Pas buka2 fb, pas lihat statusnya Windy muncul dgn iklan jasa translatenya TranslationPapers. Ngga pke ragu+berpikir lama lagi,langsung contact Windy. Voila,quick response dan sesuai dgn permintaan. Gud luck for the business. Its a perfect job.” (Shanti, HRD Santika Plaza Kuta & mahasiswa s2 MM Unud)
  • I’m so delighted to work with TranslationPapers, friendly price and fast forward action. Luv it” (Ary, PA at LH Financial)
  • “Makasi banyak ya “TranslationPapers” uda translate abstractku,,,! Akhirnya aku bisa tepat waktu ngumpul tesis,,,! Mngkin byk translator lainnya,,tp yg bisa cepat dan tepat wktu tdk smuanya! Good job buat TranslationPapers!” (Dewa Dalem, graduate student of Cultural Studies, Udayana)
  • “TranslationPapers profesional dan tepat waktu.” (Restu, Sastra Inggris Unud)
  • “Thanks to TranslationPapers, sudah bantu sy translate journal Biologi untuk tugas mata kuliah saya! Akhirnya saya bisa kumpul tugas tepat waktu. Thx u very much, great job!” (Sekar, s2 Biologi Unud)
  • “It’s not easy to translate legal documents, however TranslationPapers team has managed to do it well.” (Gede, self-employed)
  • “TranslationPapers keren, akurat dan mantap! Terimakasih translationpapers” 🙂 (Na, UNUD)
  • “Thanks to TranslationPapers for translating my documents. I’m so happy to co-operate with you. Fired up and success for TranslationPapers!!” (Dayu, UNUD)
  • “TranslationPapers Good Good Good! Reliable n the best choice for translation in all subjects!” (Suwija, graduate student of School of Informatics and Computing, UNUD)
  • “TranslationPapers sangat berkualitas, reliable, tepat waktu, dengan harga yang memuaskan. Sangat dianjurkan.” (Rainy, International Relations, UNAIR)
  • “TranslationPapers Bali offers reasonable rates and satisfying results! Recommended!” (Ayu, S2 Udayana University)
  • Proses penyerahan berkas tidak ribet. Deadline ga pake lama plus on time banget. Servicenya juga friendly dan communicable. Worth banget deh..” (Fredlina S, mahasiswi, Dhyana Pura)
  • “TranslationPapers Bali, terima kasih atas service-nya dalam menerjemahkan beberapa dokumen dan company profile kami. Terjemahannya dengan bahasa yang menarik. Pelayanannya juga cepat dan yang ramah. Sukses selalu.” (Sukmayanti, Owner of Bali Reservasi)

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  1. “TranslationPapers Bali” provided the best service we could ever imagine, we really satisfied with the job they’ve done’ the outcome were just perfect. We highly recommend this company for translations of documents for all the people

  2. Dear Bin and Sameer, thank you so much for your kind support for all of us in TranslationPapers Bali. We really appreciate your great support. 🙂 All the best for you!
    Warm regards from TranslationPapers Bali Team. 🙂

  3. Luh Windiari undertook a challenging role for us, translating training for doctors at an international training retreat. She was exceptional. The service was 100% and a lot of participants commented on the quality of the translation service. Luh Windiari was able to recall large amounts of complex information, she rapidly acquired the content knowledge and was able to go above and beyond and help out in group activities and answering questions when needed. She was punctual, polite and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her service to anyone, and will definitely be seeking her service again.

  4. Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for taking the time to write a testimonial for me. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support. It’s a pleasure to work with you. I am very grateful. Again, thank you so much. All the best for you in every aspect of life. 😀

  5. Dear Luh, thanks a million for getting the translation I needed done so quickly. I am truly impressed with the great service, professional correspondence and personal attention. Will definitely recommend you to anybody who need a translation done in the future. Thanks again. Kerstin

  6. I am very satisfied with the quality of works given by Translation Papers Bali with a competitive price. They translated my documents very well with good English accuracy. I wholeheartedly recommend any body who needs to translate documents to trust the work to Translation Paper Bali.

  7. Meritus Group International Ltd. is very satisfied with the translation works of TP Bali, Until now we have used their services on 3 occasions and will certainly use them again in the future. We are pleased to recommend TP Bali to anyone who is in need of a fine translation for a reasonable price. Thank you Windi & team for jobs well done!

  8. Translation Paper Bali did such an amazing job in translating my diploma certificate. I was very pleased with the result as they did almost perfect translation. They did a lot of researches and communicated ambiguous words and phrases that need more explanation. I personally recommend Translation Paper Bali for anyone who need a proper translation with a good price. My special thank to Windy and team.

    1. Thank you very much, Ami for taking the time to write us a testimonial. We really appreciate it and we are so thankful for it. Hope we can be of your service again in the near future. Best wishes from all of us at TranslationPapers Bali.:)

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