Our Services

Our Services

  1. Translation Service

We translate documents from and to the languages below:

  • English > Indonesian
  • Indonesian > English
  • Japanese > Indonesian
  • Indonesian > Japanese
  • English > Japanese
  • Japanese > English
  • French > Indonesian
  • Indonesian > French
  • Spanish > Indonesian
  • Indonesian > Spanish
  • Russian > Indonesian
  • Indonesian > Russian

Our translation service covers:

  • Legal Translation

Legal documents include notarial deeds, agreements and contracts, certificates, academic transcripts/diploma, immigration documents, judicial texts, legislative texts and other documents with legal content.

  • Academic and Research Materials

These include lecture materials, theses, abstracts, journal articles, essays, educational records and documents.

  • Business and Corporate Documents

These include deeds of incorporation/memorandum of association, articles of association/bylaws, company profiles, corporate letters, presentations, minutes of meeting, resolutions of general meeting of shareholders, training materials for HR department, contracts and agreements, financial statements, annual reports, etc.

  • Commerce and Products

These include catalogs, manuals, user-guides, patents, and labels/packaging.

  • Advertising and Marketing

Translation of brochures, flyers and other marketing communication tools.

  • Website Translation

For both business and personal websites, and may come with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service.

  • Book Translation

Any genre of fiction and non-fiction books.

  • Private Documents

Private documents include private letters/e-mails, CV and job application letters.

  • Etc.
  1. Interpreting Service

We also cater to the need for interpreters for business meetings, workshops, conferences, court sessions, police investigation sessions, corporate trainings, etc.  We provide Liaison, Consecutive, Simultaneous and Whispered Interpreting services from and to the following languages:

  • English-Indonesian
  • Indonesian-English
  • Japanese – Indonesian
  • Indonesian – Japanese
  1. Text Editing

We edit documents both in terms of content and grammar to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text.

  1. Transcription

We convert recorded audio/video data into a written format for research purposes and others.

  1. Proofreading

In the final process of editing, we also provide proofreading service. We search your documents for surface errors, such as typographical errors, misspellings, mistaken words or terms, and incorrect punctuation.

  1. Summarizing

We are skilled in taking key points of a piece of writing and reduce the length of the text.

  1. Subtitling

We are also available for subtitling of works such as films, documentaries, etc.

  1. Language Localization

We make your products, software, video games, advertising, websites, etc. linguistically ready for the local people.

  1. Language Internationalization

Otherwise, for multi-national readers or customers, we also welcome texts/documents that need to be reproduced so as to be understood universally.